Getting a Degree in Real Estate

You can become an appraiser, a property manager, a developer, or flip houses.  If you aren’t sure what you want to do, the best way to figure it out is by taking Real Estate courses, with companies such as FortuneBuilders (check out Fortunebuilders Facebook to learn more).

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Finding that First Job

So you are now of legal working age here in the United States.  Time to make a little bit of money.  What can you do… Animal Shelter For those who have a nurturing nature.  This job is a lot of clean up at times, but it certainly will build character.  Also, who wouldn’t want to play with cute animals all day?  Working at an animal shelter is both lots of fun and very challenging, so easy it won’t be, rewarding it will be.  Truth is...

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Washington DC Hotel Fun Facts

The Jefferson Hotel has gone through 3 incarnations: it was first built as an apartment building in 1923, in 1955 it became a hotel, in 2009 real-estate giant Connie Milstein had it go through a major “top to bottom,” (as the hotel puts it) renovation (see Connie Milstein The Jefferson Hotel)

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Skincare as Part of your overall Health Plan

Dermatology is a specialized medical field that concentrates on identifying skin problems; treating a variety of skin conditions and helping patients maintain healthy skin throughout the different stages of life. Seeking treatment from a professional dermatologist like Lawrence Jaeger of Advanced Dermatology Associates is the best way to ensure that your skin issues are properly treated.

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Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!

Ten years ago, in a small dorm room, the world’s most popular social network was launched. Originally called “The Facebook,” Mark Zuckerberg’s website for college students was brought to the masses on February 4th, 2004. The world was never the same. The history of Facebook is littered with myths and tales larger than life. The truth is, the social network has over a billion users worldwide and is worth billions of...

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Twitter Nears Deal With Stripe To Enter E-Commerce

Social media has become a necessary means for retailers to advertise and engage with brand customers. However, last week, news surfaced suggesting that social network Twitter is preparing to engage users on another level. According to re/code, Twitter is now very close to throwing its hat into the e-commerce ring, as it is nearing a deal with payments startup Stripe. Once this deal is completed, users would be able to purchase goods directly through the social network via credit card.

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