Professional Advice from Business Professionals

Succeeding in business is not easy. But with the advice of experienced professionals it is possible. Many people think all that’s required to do well in business is to identify a need and hang out their shingle offering to fill that need. A lot more than that is required. David Leuschen, Riverstone Holdings founder and CEO, recently gave a talk in which he outlined some key steps businesspeople can take to improve their chances of success....

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The History behind the Miami Design District

Throughout the world an ever-changing economy and market system tend to transform the face of certain neighborhoods over time. During the highs and lows of economic instability in the Miami area such was the case over the past two decades. The original functional city designs that served specific purposes and fulfilled community needs in the Buena Vista area of Miami were forced to adjust when the economic climate of the area changed. As often...

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Tips for Success in Business

Everyone in the business community has advice for young people, but the advice is often offered in snippets that are found buried in newspaper or magazine articles. The advice amounts to nothing more than an axiom that only functions for the very rich, but this article explains tips that have been offered in lectures by luminaries such as David Leuschen of Riverstone. Business advice may go quite a long way once it has been offered in such a...

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Westfield Corporation Changing with the Times

Peter Lowy, the CEO of Westfield Corp’s decision to extend his stay at the firm has been paying off. The company has set in place a plan to construct malls at Century City in LA, a Mega Mall in Milan, and a New York City Mall at the site of the World Trade Center, which is expected to open up next month in August 2016. Full construction of all the malls in their plan is slated for completion by 2018 and growth rates for the company are...

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NYC’s Real Estate Families and the Buildings They Own

New York City has got some of the most famous and beautiful architecture in the world. Its skyline is dotted with a number of skyscrapers. It has high-rise buildings in two main concentrations: Midtown and Lower Manhattan. Midtown Manhattan (largest central business district in the world) has notable buildings like the Empire State Building, CitiGroup Center, Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center. Lower Manhattan is home to buildings like the...

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Revitalization and Why it is Important for Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most vital parts of any community. Over time real estate can become run down and therefore lose value. In order to prevent this from happening it is very important to revitalize property so that it increases in value as well as creating more appeal to buyers. In cities such as Miami, the revitalization of real estate has been very beneficial as it has made the city one of the more desirable places to live and visit....

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