Hire The Disabled-The Untapped Workforce
Today’s American workforce is a highly competitive arena, yet people with disabilities are finding their niche. There has been a steady rise in the past two years of disability employment occurring in the mainstream workplace. Organizations such as SourceAmerica is designed to bring training and job opportunities persons with physical, emotional, and mental challenges. Being gainfully employed is self-esteem building and provides sources of income to those who want to work.

This workplace group also includes seniors the age of 65 and over. Over half the disabilities hire fell into this age group. Disabled seniors bring the benefits of experience and often a higher education to the job force as well as giving them an opportunity to supplement their retirement income. Disabled Military Veterans are another undervalued resource for the workplace. They have the energy and strength to provide a valuable asset to jobs that do not put demands on their disability. They need opportunities to show their worth as well as make an income.High school and college graduates need to establish their independence and have valuable talents that could contribute to the workplace. Often they are willing to take jobs that may be hard to fill and have a lower starting wage.

Job opportunities for the disabled exist in the areas of:

Administrative and Office Personnel
Clothing, Textiles, and Individual Equipment
Staffing Services
Total Facilities Management
Product Packaging and Kitting Services
Laundry Services
Electronic Recycling Services
Food Services
Contact Center and IT Services
Food Processing, Packaging, and Distribution
Medical and Dental Supplies
Aircraft, Vehicular, and Electrical Equipment and Supplies
Records and Document Management Service
Supply Chain Management and Warehouse Services
Office Supplies

This mostly untapped workforce needs companies and businesses to be educated about the benefits they can bring to the job market. Often overlooked, the disabled are stereotyped and thought of as unable or unstable employees. Often the truth is opposite and the disabled are loyal, hardworking, and become a valuable asset to the company. Many times the disabled become self-employed to make their income. While this fosters money, it may not bring financial stability or needed benefits.

The more the disabled are in the mainstream workforce, the more they are providing taxes to offset any assistance they may be getting from the government. However, it would be helpful if the government coupled with the IRS to provide incentives to businesses to train and hire the disabled. Proudly, SourceAmerica has placed over 125,000 disabled people into mainstream non-profit company jobs.