Good News for Florida’s Sophisticated Shoppers

Miami designer boutiques are filled with beautiful items with which to fill your home and closet. If you love texture, pattern, color and most importantly, quality, the Miami Design District offers those things and much more.

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Camana Bay: A Slice of Paradise

Camana Bay is a lively, new town center that is located in Grand Cayman, featuring some of the best shopping, culture and restaurants in the Cayman Islands. For diners, Camana Bay is home to many restaurants of varying cuisines, and is even home to restaurants that use locally grown ingredients.

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10 Affordable Spots for Summer Vacation

Chicago Cities that aren’t on the East or West coasts feature the best deals this summer, largely because they’re less crowded than their coastal counterparts. Europeans on summer vacation tend to flock to New York, San Francisco, and Miami, leaving middle-of-the-country destinations open to more deals for domestic tourists. Atlanta Travel websites such as feature a range of deals for this oft-overlooked Southern city. Not...

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Three Must-Visit Caribbean Destinations

The Cayman Islands remain the most popular Caribbean destination for millions of visitors every year. The Caymans simply have the most beautiful and breathtaking sites in the world, as well as some of the most exciting natural adventures. Seven Mile Beach has dozens of five-star hotels that overlook the natural expansive of the Atlantic Ocean. Sting Ray City is another popular diving destination, as it gives divers unique access to thousands of sting ray that will calmly eat food right out of your hand.

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