“…as certain as that night succeeds the day, that without a decisive naval force we can do nothing definitive—and with it, everything honorable and glorious.” -George Washington

Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS Inc) Incorporated’s relationship with the Navy goes back 20 years. ADS was founded to correct equipment and logistical problems faced by Navy SEALS.

ADS also offers logistical support to Fire Departments and EMS. The company’s talent for managing logistics and its record of meeting deadlines has earned ADS the Innovative Small Business Performer of the Year award from the Defense Logistics Agency.

To celebrate the 242nd Birthday of the US Navy ADS gratefully presents a brief history of the United States Navy.

On October 13, 1775, the Second Continental Congress authorized the creation of a Continental Navy. February 1776 marked the first time the US Navy Ensign flew from an American warship. The ship was the Alfred under the command of the Navy’s first hero John Paul Jones.

After the Revolutionary War, the Continental Navy was disbanded. Harassment of American shipping by the Barbary pirates prompted the adoption of the Naval Act of 1794. The act created a permanent American Naval Force. Between its second founding and the War of 1812, the navy would fight the “Quasi War” against the navy of the French Republic and two wars against the Barbary States.

The War of 1812 brought to the center stage a war frigate that is today the oldest commissioned ship in the US Navy. The USS Constitution or “Old Ironsides”.

Fort Severn became the site of the Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1845.

When the ironclads USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia engaged each other at Hampton Roads Virginia during the Civil War all the other navies of the world were rendered obsolete.

During the 1880s efforts to modernize the navy gave rise to the “New Navy”. During the first 20 years of the Twentieth Century, the US Navy would become the world’s fifth largest navy.

At places like Midway, the Coral Sea, and Leyte Gulf during World War 2, the courage of our navy personnel literally helped save the world. During the Cold War, the navy took part in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Today our navy combats terrorism in the Middle East and piracy off the coast of Somalia. In addition to its role as a military force, the navy conducts humanitarian missions around the world.