Posts made in April, 2017

Trends Shaping the Commercial Real Estate Sector and the Top Movers

A new report released by the Commercial Observer lists 50 most important individuals and companies in the US commercial real estate finance sector. Topping the list is the Chief Lending Officer at Bank of China, Raymond Qiao; The Group Head of Well Fargo Multifamily Capital, Alan Wiener and Matt Borstein and Ed Adler, the respective Head of Global Commercial Real Estate and Head of US Origination at Deutsche Bank. The other names include that of Michael Nash, Steven Mnuchin, Andrew Farkas and Ralph Herzka. Raymond Qiao heads one of the biggest banks from China shaping the real estate sector in the US. Under his watch, the Bank of China along with 5 other lenders took down $1.5 billion in construction loans for SL-Green Realty Corporation. The other real estate entities that have received loans from Bank of China include Loeb Partners, George Comfort & Sons and Jamestown.

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The Shopping Innovation

Integrating advanced and more varied options for food, fashion, leisure, and entertainment, Malls are able to combat the technologically benefits of shopping from home with the real-life involvement of a genuinely good time. This is touted by its CEO, Peter Lowy as a key differentiation from its competition…

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