Posts made in May, 2016

Signs you have to update your windows

When you consider the idea of buying a house then you know it is not just something to buy and make your home, but it is also a considerable investment. Individuals everywhere realize that updates and other repairs need to be made from time to time, but more than anything you also have to make sure you keep up with the times in order to maximize the value and the efficiency of your home. Any home in general that has been built recently may be...

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Why Urban Design is the Next Big Thing for Real Estate Development

The Buena Vista neighborhood in Miami, Florida is the next big thing in real estate development in South Florida. The growth and expansion seen in Buena Vista is in large part due to its adherence to strict urban design and it’s dedicated following of celebrities who frequent Buena Vista’s various hotspots and hangouts. Before the rest of the city of Miami expanded in the mid-twentieth century, Buena Vista was its own town and it was...

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Ownership of the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building (ESRT), one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks, has had multiple owners throughout its nearly 85 years of existence. For most of its history, the Empire State Building has been owned by successful businessmen and well known financial corporations, but today its ownership is much more diversified. In 1929, Empire State, Inc. was created by John Jakob Raskob and Louis G. Kaufman of General Motors, Coleman du Pont...

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