Posts made in January, 2016

Great Developments Galore in Amazing Buena Vista, FL

Many would hear the location, Buena Vista Miami FL, and would normally think of Craig Robins and all the amazing things that can be seen and done in the Miami Design District. With Disney World and other attractions, people all over the world know that is the place to be, and perhaps even to live. However, Buena Vista, FL has gotten even better than ever with their recent developments. Disney World would always be the best of the best of...

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Payrolls Surge, U.S. Jobless Rate at 5% as Workforce Grows

From America’s labor-market juggernaut continued to roll unabated at the end of 2015. Employers in December added 292,000 workers, exceeding the highest estimate in a Bloomberg survey, and payrolls for the previous two months were revised higher, a Labor Department report showed on Friday. The jobless rate held at 5 percent as people entering the labor force found work. At the same time, worker pay disappointed, rising less...

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