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For the Love of Dogs

Be a passive participant-voice your concern.  Many celebrities such as actress Natalie Portman and businessman and Harvard alum Andrew Farkas donate money and are vocal about animal rights.

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The sensation of water hitting your skin for the first time is difficult to replicate.  There’s the shock, sometimes there’s the cold, and often there is the exhilaration.  The sensation of transitioning to a new world, under the surface, where air is scarce but serenity is not too far behind. Swimming is a solitary sport but it is a lot of fun.  There are a lot of body motions involved and there’s a sense of trying to challenge...

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Ways Your Kids Can Help Fix Your Home

If you are a parent and you are looking to improve a home Than Merrill style in order to sell it, you might find that your kids only get in the way of all of the work that you are trying to accomplish. This can be very true, and it can become a problem, but you can also use your kids to your advantage.

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10 Affordable Spots for Summer Vacation

Chicago Cities that aren’t on the East or West coasts feature the best deals this summer, largely because they’re less crowded than their coastal counterparts. Europeans on summer vacation tend to flock to New York, San Francisco, and Miami, leaving middle-of-the-country destinations open to more deals for domestic tourists. Atlanta Travel websites such as feature a range of deals for this oft-overlooked Southern city. Not...

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Magazine Contests and Opportunities

While the plight of the writer has undergone some cultural transformation with the pervasiveness of internet readers, National Magazine Exchanges, and blogging, the tried and true route of magazine publication is still significant for fresh-faced writers of today. Many famous authors made their writing debut in magazines, including the poet Sylvia Plath in Mademoiselle Magazine, Roald Dahl in Playboy magazine, and Ernest Hemingway contributing...

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