Posts made in November, 2012

Types of Kitchen Countertops

Granite is one of the most talked about countertop materials in kitchen renovations today. Everyone wants a granite countertop. However, before decided to go with granite, be sure to look at other options.  Do you know the difference between Silestone, granite, marble, and quartz? Granite is a great option, but you’ll find that all options have advantages and disadvantages, and only one option will work best for...

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How Did Hurricane Sandy Affect the Housing Market?

As Hurricane Sandy swept across the East Coast in October, it left behind a trail of devastating destruction. The damage is estimated to cost as much as $50 billion, according to the Eqecat. Hurricane Sandy’s immediate impact on real estate is evident in areas like the New Jersey shore, where entire houses got completely swept away. What people are wondering, however, is how the housing market is going to be affected as a whole. “This will...

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Industrial Employment on the Rise in the Carolinas

New reports show that industrial employment is on the rise in both of the Carolinas. Manufacturers’ News Inc. claims that manufacturing employment rose 0.3 percent during 2011 in North Carolina, and has also risen 2.3 percent in South Carolina over the past year. According to results released earlier this month, South Carolina added some 5,934 industrial jobs for a total of 262,431 working in manufacturing positions statewide by 4,870...

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The Future Generation of Search

How much longer will Google be the powerhouse of search? And what does social media have to do with it? Multimillion dollar pop-star Justin Bieber says he owes a lot of his success to social media.  If it wasn’t for social media, Bieber’s recent album Believe might not have sold as many copies or earn as much money as it did. Over the last two year, Bieber has earned more than $108 million, and the future is looking bright. Bieber...

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