Posts made in October, 2012

Responding to Social and Digital Media Messages

Social and digital media messages require more security and attention than ever before. Take social media sites Facebook and Twitter or blogging platforms Blogger and WordPress as examples of consumers sharing “newsworthy” content. Traditional media is being replaced by these modern platforms, which have advanced in the last decade. How are companies that have been around for 30 or 50 years responding to the sudden change in distribution of...

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Increase Efficiency with Renovations

When renovating your home, no matter how good you are at planning, you can always count on “unexpected expenses.” “Busting the budget” is almost everyone’s biggest fear. Experts suggest leaving at least 20% of cushion in your budget to cover those “nasty surprises.” Unexpected expenses could be anything from dealing with a shady contractor to finding mold under the carpet. Instead of saving an extra 20%,...

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Alternative Energy Equals More Jobs

A new study indicates the economic potential for offshore energy production, suggesting offshore energy could produce billions in wages and government revenue and thousands of jobs. There are currently plans in motion to develop a massive offshore wind farm off the coast of South Carolina. The wind farm is estimated to produce about 1,000 megawatts (MG) of clean energy. The study,”S.C. Wind Energy Supply Chain Survey and Offshore Wind...

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