Posts made in September, 2012

Energy Independence in the US

The natural gas boom in the United State provides more benefits than just cutting carbon emissions. The untapped potential for natural gas could mean energy independence for the US from foreign oil sources. Over the next few years, crude oil production, biofuels, and overall U.S. consumption should be watched closely. James Williams, an analyst from WTRG Economics said, “No matter who is elected, we will be more energy independent every...

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Conventional and Alternative Energy Exploration and Investment

Conventional energy is easy, convenient, and used to power almost everything, cars, office building, residential homes etc…Conventional energy is a great source of energy, but results in harmful pollutants. Researchers and developers explore alternative pollution reducing solutions everyday. Alternative energy solutions include, wind, solar, biomass, and biodiesel energy. These energy sources are better for the environment, but are not...

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