Posts made in May, 2012

Be More Productive at Work

Do you feel like you’re loosing productivity at work? Are you bored? Do you lack motivation? There are many reasons why we become less productive at work, but don’t worry, there are many ways to help you get back into the swing of things.  Sometimes people lose interest before and after vacations, other times people lose interest because they haven’t had a vacation.  Unfortunately, no one has discovered one magic solutions;...

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Building a Secure Business

In order to build a secure business, recognizing and understanding security treats is the first step. According Vahna cyber security treat assessment team, cyber attacks costs companies and consumers about $388 billions dollars each year, and 69% of computer users have been a victim to some form of cybercrime, exploitative malware and phishing attacks. Some of the most common security breaches in business include, targeted cyber attacks, data...

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