Posts made in February, 2012

Before Sending an E-mail

Have you ever sat down to write an e-mail that wasn’t necessarily easy. Think about the last e-mail you wrote that took you more than 30 min to write. Usually e-mails that take you a long time to write are not caused by your ability to write. E-mails that take you a long time is usually caused by  a lack of focus or a struggle to find the right words. Have you ever struggled to write an e-mail to your boss? Do you want to impress him or...

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Cost-Saving Resources for Entrepreneurs

Saving money is crucial for every entrepreneur, whether starting your first company or your forth.  Easy ways to save money aren’t always easy to see.  Listed below are 5 websites that will help you cut cost.  The source, is the entrepreneur themselves. Indinero is an online software company that helps business owners see all their financials in one place.   The website has graphics and trend visualizations that will identify ways to...

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Make It Happen for Yourself, Mannatech

Everything from the best multivitamin and mineral supplement to antioxidants, Mannatech can make it happen for you.  Being healthy is a constant battle of diet and exercise, so why not make it easier for yourself. Mannatech has a solution to provide you with standardized levels of naturally sourced nutrients. Receiving the proper supplements will make your skin glow and Mannatech is innovating the industry with a mission to help people reach...

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